Spring Make Up Favourites

Spring Make Up

Sunglasses – Primark;

Although I have many varying interests, Law, science, photography, drinking tea, I am also a little make up obsessed. To be fair, I don’t spend every penny I have on make up, but if anyone ever if looking for a present to buy for me, a have a list as long as my arm of products I’m dying to try out. I am a high street make up buyer at heart (student life isn’t it just??), but I still love some little high end products.

My skin type tends to change a lot typically, explaining my combination usage of liquid and powder products. I still suffer from bouts of acne, but have it under control with medication. So as a result, some areas get very dry, while others would be more oily and spot prone. So, if this list appears a bit crazy, it just works for me so each product mightn’t work on every person.

So now with Spring having sprung, I’m changing up my make up from strong features, dark eyes and berry lips into what I find is FRESH. My freckles will be coming out, my hair will lighten and bring out my pink nude lipsticks.

And so, here are some of my must-haves for the coming months;


Face Spring Make Up

 From Left; NARS ‘Sheer Glow Foundation – Mont Blanc’; Smashbox ‘Photo Finish Primer Water’; Charlotte Tilbury ‘Wonder Glow Primer’; MAC ‘Lustre Drops – Pink Rebel’

For about two years now, Sheer Glow has been my go to foundation. It’s quite heavy for my fair skin, so often I pop my Charlotte Tilbury primer under my foundation on my cheekbones and jawline to lighten the look. However, I’ve never had a more perfect colour match ever. If I want to go even more spring-like, the Lustre Drops (note a drop because any more and you will look like you’ve just ran and are a tad flushed) add another little freshness. And if that isn’t dewy enough looking, I usually have a spritz of my Smashbox Primer Water as a setting spray. Overall, very fresh and dewy looking!


Contour Spring Make Up

From left; Revolution ‘Ultra Blush Palette Golden Sugar 2 – Rose Gold’; Revolution ‘Ultra Contour Palette’; Urban Decay Bronzer ‘Naked Illuminated – Lit’

After I have applied a full, flawless base, I like to give some shape and definition to my face. I tend to sweep the bronzer softly around the edges of my face and in the hollow of my cheeks as a softer base before contouring. This bronzer appears very gold and shimmery, but I find with my translucent and pigmented skin, it brings even more life to it. After that, I always, always, always contour. I could probably count on one hand how many times I haven’t contoured since discovering the technique in 2014. I find the variation is great, I tend to use the darkest tones under my jawline, the medium tone on my cheekbones, and the lightest to contour my nose. One thing I particularly love about this palette is the white and gold shimmer highlighter, which I now always pop in the inner corner of my eyes to really make them awake. Finally, depending on the lipstick I’ve chosen for the day, I use a little blush, and this is the most versatile palette I think I’ve ever seen for blush on the high street.


2 Eyes Spring Make Up

From left; Revolution ‘Ultre Professions Eyeshadow – Flawless 16G’; Collection ‘Work the Colour Eyeshadow Pencil – Vanilla Sky’; Barry M ‘Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Paint – Do You Pink I’m Sexy?’

With eyes, I do believe I’m lucky in that I probably have a natural talent. And by that, I mean that I don’t plan what I’m going to do at all: I pick a light coloured base, get a gold for the lid, bronze for the crease, blend it and it looks ready to come be presented to Pinterest. So this palette is great; 32 colours, I just play around with it and the mirror is huge, which is of course perfect. Finally, it’s £8, the colours are super pigmented, great staying power and blend superbly. What else could you ask for?

For eyes, I may do a winged eyeliner or not depending on my time, but I always whiten my lower waterline. This, again, was only a couple of pounds, and as clear by the worn writing, it’s very well love but lasts a long time. Essentially for at least tricking people into thinking you’re awake and ready for Spring. As for nails, Spring means pastels for me, and this nail paint is so lovely, I always get asked who’s my beautician, but it’s really me.


Lips Spring Make Up

From left; Body Shop Lip Butter ‘Mango’; Tom Ford ‘Lip Color Matte – 04 Pussycat’; MAC Lipstick ‘New York Apple – Frost’; MAC Liptensity Lipstick ‘Driftwood’; MAC Lip Pencil ‘Beet’; MAC Lip Pencil ‘Soar’

For lips, I constantly change it up every single day from my wide collection. However, these three will be my staples through the coming months. Pussycat and Driftwood both work as great transitional shades from the dark mattes of Winter into the nude pinks of Spring. Again, New York Apple is a red without being red – muted cool tones to bring go to those brighter block colours that I will definitely be wearing come Summer time. I’m currently on to my third in a year so it’s also very very well loved. I’ll also bear these lipsticks with these two lip liner pencils to further outline the shape of my lips and finish the look.

So if anyone is looking for me until June, look out for the pale Irish girl with a dewy face, gold eyelids and red lips!


Aisling xox

Self Spring Make Up


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