The End of Winter

Trees Outside LASS

As we are now officially past the Spring Equinox, Winter is now over. The days are growing longer, the cherry blossoms are in bloom and the daffodils have shown their heads.

I’m always a little sad when Winter ends. I’m always the first to bring out my burgundy woolly jumpers, oversized scarves and my heeled boots. Coming back after a long day and lighting candles while blasting some Bear’s Den to chill in the evening. Filling up my water bottle every night and slipping it into my fluffy owl water bottle sleeve. Staying in with friends because what else is there to do? And no, it’s ending and I’m a little sad, feels like I’m saying goodbye to a hug from an old friend: comfortable and reliable.

I took this photo a few weeks back coming out of a morning lecture. With the strong sun, my skin felt warm and tingly. It was a moment where you’re immediately brought back to lazy Spring and Summer days, of just being in a daze.

So now, as I’m packing away my winter clothes, I’m reminded that now I will now wear my bright pink and orange lipsticks, my freckles will soon reappear, natural blonde highlights will appear (along with questions if I’ve dyed my hair). Doing a Masters, I will be at university until September, and for the first time ever, I’ll spend summer away from home. Although I will be working on my dissertation, I can’t help but imagine picnics in Wollaton Park, walks around Highfields Lake, maybe some trips to see my friends in Portsmouth, Liverpool or Manchester.

So maybe, I guess this change isn’t so bad after all.


Aisling xox



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